nanowoodWhat is NANOWOOD?

nanowoodNANOWOOD Forte coating

Nanowood products are distinguished from other commercially available coatings by quality of completely invisible protective layer. While maintaining the total vapor permeability material, timber is completely resistant to water, oils and adverse weather conditions.


NANOWOOD Forte coating is ready to use water-based coating achieved by nanotechnology. Coating ingredients are shredded to the size of nanometers, resulting in excellent and almost one hundred per cent penetration of the surface of treated wood. The coating does not cause discoloration of wood, and not sticking the degree of breathing pores, leaving the treated wood unchanged.



  • Protects wooden surfaces from dirt, water, oil and UV rays;
  • Even reiterated application does not alter the natural look and changes treated material with the coating;
  • Prevents the physical, chemical and biological erosion of wood;
  • Dirt, sediment, dust and mud (the grease and oil) can be easily removed with clean water (preferably under pressure);
  • Inhibits the growth of moss, algae and mildew;
  • Contains no silicones, waxes and oils (which limit the "breathing" applied materials and change their look and feel touch);
  • Long-term protection of surfaces against water, dirt, grease and oil.
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